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Posted by on May 30, 2016 in Healthy Food |

Natural Health: Magical Berry that Fascinates Scientists

Natural Health: Magical Berry that Fascinates Scientists

Aronia is one of the few plants on the Earth that has a magical effect on human health. This berry, with success, purifies the human body from the harmful substances and heavy metals, and that is why many people use it as prevention from cancer and many other malign diseases.

Many studies have shown that Aronia has an anticancer effect because, in the large percent, it kills malign cells of brain, lungs, breasts and liver tumor. As an extraordinary antioxidant, Aronia prevents the creation of the free radicals and their attack on healthy cells in the body and plasma, with that, it slows down the aging process of the body and prevents the development of chronical diseases.

This plant comes from Northern America; the natives used Aronia as a medicine and food. After the explosion in Chernobyl, this plant is used to eased the effects of radiation, and it has proven to be more than helpful, that’s why many doctors resort to its use even today.

Because this plant eliminates heavy metals from the human body, many people considerate as a cure against gasses, but also as a cure against heavy metals that entered the body through a vaccine.

By the ORAC and TEAC standards, Aronia has the biggest antioxidant effect than all berries and nuts together. But what this plant cures? Lung cancer cell division, SEMAronia is rich with antioxidants, minerals, folic acid and vitamins B, C and E. Since the plant has high level of antioxidants and vitamins C and E, this plant is used as a prevention against viruses, bacteria and any inflammation processes in the body, it improves immunity, reduces the risk of cancer and slows down the aging.

Aronia has a beneficial effect on the stomach; it stimulates the work of thyroid gland, and it is especially recommended to the persons who suffer from hypothyroidism. This plant prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases, it reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol and improves the production of good cholesterol. It stimulates the liver, helps with the bile stone and inflammation of bile. Aronia has a good effect on our digestive system, it soothes cramps and pain in the bowels, it reduces inflammation processes of the intestinal linings and stops diarrhea.

We can find this fruit in many slimming products because it helps to keep the ideal weight. Russian scientist conducted research, where they discovered that Aronia improves excretion of heavy metals from the body, as well as, some types of radioactive substances.

aronia_juiceAronia can be used in its natural form, as a fruit, or it can be drunk as juice. One small cup every morning is recommended healthy dose. Depending on the type of the disease, you can drink it even more.

With everything said, this doesn’t have to mean that Aronia will cure obesity, tumors and harmful effects of radiation. Before you use any natural medicines, take into consideration the opinion of your doctor.

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